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Why you should get your scuba license

If you do not seek adventure and have no love for the ocean, then this post is not for you.

A good reason to travel

If you ever needed a good reason to travel anywhere it would be to scuba dive. It’s a thing to do! The same way people want to go see the tallest buildings and the oldest towns in different countries, you could go visit some great underwater locations. Scuba diving is something I've been able to do with friends or alone. No need to fear to go alone! Usually, when you book the diving trip you go with a group and the coordinators make sure that everyone is paired up.  It’s good to have things to look forward to doing when you travel. I like trying to dive anywhere I go. Like foodies, they want to try dishes from different restaurants. I like to see the oceans on different coasts. You could see shipwrecks in Indonesia, underwater caves in Croatia and the best coral reefs and sperm whales in Dominica ;)


Do you suffer from overthinking? Is it hard for you to meditate and stay present in the current moment? Have you ever wanted to find an enjoyable activity to keep you physically and mentally fit? Scuba diving is the right prescription for you! After reading the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle I realized how much in my head I was. Diving will put you in a space where you are totally focused on the present moment. You focus on your breathing for up to an hour at a time and become focused more on the environment around you. The last thing on your mind is your notifications. You’ve never felt as calm and relaxed as you will after a day of diving.

Swim with the fishes

Going to the zoo is not the only way to see animals up close. Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat is 10 times better than going to the zoo. Have you ever gone to a zoo and feel bad for the animals there? I'm sure you have. Poor otters... The whales and dolphins also. Wouldn’t it be better to just go see them as they were meant to be? It’s like when you travel to see another culture but refuse to engage with the locals and their way of living. You may as well have just watched a YouTube video. You never really see or understand unless you put yourself in the middle of it. If you are worried about safety, I wouldn’t say that that’s a thing. I have been around sea snakes and barracudas and was fine aside from that mini adrenaline rush.


If you are the activist/volunteer type, then this scuba diving is also another way you can help and contribute. There are lots of initiatives you can get involved with. Clearing the oceans of the pollution and clearing marine reserves after hurricanes I think are worthy causes to get involved with and I am sure there are more. So, have fun and give back to the Earth! Why not? Coming from the Caribbean, we spend a lot of time on the water. The beaches, seas, and oceans are a big part of the tourism economy so if you are from there and want to know how you can help and maintain this industry then scuba diving could be your ticket.

It's fun!

Go diving at night with your friends and go fishing for lionfish. Call up a friend on a weekend and just go. The boat rides to sites are chill. Lots of Instagramable moments. See the sites on the way. Have fun underwater. Explore and see what you find.  The entire process around diving can be whatever you make it to be. Sure, it can cost you anywhere from $300-500 USD depending on where you are but the certification and memories last forever and the adventures give you a perspective that lasts a lifetime.


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